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Technology innovation team to create carbon aerogel technology myth


——Transformation from laboratory to mass production
In December 15, 2016, the center organization of scientific and technological achievements appraisal experts agreed that completed by Tianjin Chen Xiang Feng sky new Mstar Technology Ltd carbon aerogel industrial production and application of the project technical level has reached the international advanced level transformation by the Tianjin City high-tech achievements.
2010 years ago, has been successful in the business sector, after more than years of careful research, began the life of the two venture. Zhao Kai learned that the main electrode material in China can present the electrochemical device to import of activated carbon in Japan and South Korea, the main structure of activated carbon and carbon aerogels are similar, but the main performance indexes of controllable performance limit beyond the activated carbon, so that this material has great potential in the market. So he spent nearly a year's time to do research and technology around, contact the domestic engaged in carbon aerogels preparation and Application Research of Tongji University, Academy of Engineering Physics and Chinese Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry research institute. After technical research, Zhao Kai that the preparation of this material has a lot of new breakthroughs, has the possibility and conditions of industrial production. Comprehensive technology and market research information, Zhao Kai decided to invest in the production of carbon aerogel industrial production and application technology research and development.
  Team Shen Jun professor at Tongji University in Shanghai is the earliest in the carbon aerogel preparation and application of scientific research team, and is dedicated to the study of new types of nano porous carbon aerogels for nearly 30 years, Zhao Kai chose to cooperate with Professor Shen Jun. October 2011, Tianjin had to be triumphant Kay Kay new Mstar Technology Ltd registered in Tianjin economic and Technological Development Zone, the beginning of a small trial of carbon aerogel materials. In the army under the leadership of Professor Shen, the young technical team by Zhao Kai, Guan Dayong, Gong Weizhi, Gao Yan, Chen Yinlai and other 3 doctoral students, 2 graduate students, 12 undergraduates which started the road of industrialization of carbon gas gel to tackle tough “ discovery, exploration and improvement of science and technology, the production of ” brigade.
The planned &ldquo technology; travel ” in the initial stage of the laboratory, mainly for laboratory construction, development of materials, to explore the process of industrial production, established product performance testing platform is complete, the carbon aerogels prepared a. After two years, the batch production was realized by the batch production process. From the beginning of 2015 so far, in the training, proportioning, replacement, drying, carbon activation, postprocessing and other processes have developed special equipment to produce 5-8 tons, to achieve a semi automated continuous production, established the first ton of carbon aerogel production line.

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