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  Tianjin was established in October 2011, is a company specializing in the development, production and application of carbon aerogels. The company independently developed the world's first carbon aerogel production line, developed materials, unique formula and special equipment with advanced technology roadmap and design, realizes the carbon aerogel materials with low cost and tons of industrial batch preparation.

  The company R & D team after years of unremitting efforts, with the continuous production technology of material formulation, unique advanced ambient drying technology, activated carbon, greatly reduce the product cost, stable product quality, improve the yield. The company currently has 20 patents and core technology secrets, especially the key technology of carbon aerogel micro nano structure can be tailored according to different application requirements, tailored for materials, and has formed a series of products, develop the enterprise standard, relevant technical documents, paved the way for the carbon aerogel industry the development and application, and laid a solid foundation.

  Carbon aerogel is a new type of general material, which can be used in many fields. Our company has successfully developed the super capacitor electrode special carbon aerogel materials, super capacitor products by Ningbo Zhongche Amperex Technology Limited, Jinzhou kaimei Power Co. Ltd. and a number of units of various types of verification, can effectively improve the super capacitor energy density, power ratio, lower internal resistance, improve service life cycle, achieve and exceed the same performance the level of material industry. In December 15, 2016 the center jointly organized by the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission transformation, Tianjin city science and technology achievements of scientific and technological achievements appraisal “ ”, the technology industry experts to obtain certification for “ &rdquo international leading level.


  In addition, the carbon aerogel high surface area, large pore volume, low density, high conductivity and other properties make it a good application in the adsorption material, soil improvement, water purification, air purification, adsorption of tobacco had good effect. It can be used in the field of biological medicine, such as drug purification, hemodialysis, and so on. And its irreplaceable high performance in the field of aerospace, defense and military fields are also available.

  As a new type of material with revolutionary significance, carbon aerogels have been developing rapidly in the past ten years along with the realization of industrialization and the expanding of application fields. The development of the company will also revitalize national industry, to create a platform for the development of research and development, our future economic Chinese.