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Your future is our future
We are convinced that a good employer should provide an environment for his employees to achieve self-worth and personal development.
NPCA provides an inter departmental, inter regional job motivation for employees' personal development, enabling employees to participate in new tasks and challenges.



People-oriented work environment
We think that work is a part of life, and it takes up a lot of time.
In NPCA, we are sure that the distribution of these hours will be approved by the staff. Therefore, we provide a clean, safe and comfortable working environment.




Competitive compensation and benefits system
In the long run, in order to attract talent, retain talent, and motivate talent, we ensure that the benefits provided by the market competitiveness.
We look forward to the staff to have a good performance and get a good return, so the salary and employee contribution to the company directly linked.



Customized personal development plan
The diversity and internationalization of NPCA's business provides a broad platform for personal development.
Once you join the NPCA, you will get help in the company's training, performance and personal potential mining, etc.. No matter what your major and job is, you will have a clear understanding of your future. We not only provide formal training, but also through the excellent personal development plan and on-the-job training and other ways to guide your future.